Culinary Fishing Germany

„… why wander into the distance when the beauty is so close” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

a 3-day wine and culinary outdoor experience with the originality of German wine and tranquil landscapes of the picturesque valleys of the Ahr near Dernau, and the Moselle near Wehlen, to the forest-lined course of the Ruhr near Witten to the striking mountains and hills of Franco-Switzerland and its western water landscapes between the riverbeds of the Regnitz and Aisch.

Roam the wildly romantic fly and spin fishing routes with magnificent salmonid stocks such as river and rainbow trout, char, (brook trout) and grayling, and also strong chubs  and combative barbels. (Fishing Camp Ahr, Moselle & Franconian Switzerland). Night anglers live their passion in the Fishing Camp Mosel, Ruhr & Franconian Switzerland with a large predatory fish and carp population. The river pikeperch of the Moselle also deserves special mention!

Between and during the fishing sessions we celebrate authentic outdoor cooking on open log fires accompanied not only by great wines from the respective regions, but also selected international wine specialties (Fishing Camp Ruhr) in the loneliness and tranquility of forests, meadows, vineyards and streams.

Matured cuts from Eifel cattle, local game and fresh fish from the brook, river and pond are also placed on the campfire. As a contrast to hunting for domestic freshwater fish, we also stage a ‘Hummer-Nummer’ (seafod orgy!), served in the open air.

We have designed the “Culinary Fishing Camp Ahr” with our partner Weingut Meyer-Näkel in Dernau, including an extensive wine tasting in the wine cellar of the estate. Click here for the detailed program

We have designed the “Culinary Fishing Camp Mosel” with our partner Weingut S.A. Prüm in Wehlen including an extensive, wine tasting in the estate’s wine cellar. Click here for the detailed program

We have designed the  “Culinary Fishing Camp Franco-Switzerland”  with our friend & partner, the top chef Christian Brieske from the Gasthaus zum Schwarzen Adler in Nürnberg. This experience includes an extensive fish tasting menu and tasting of selected wine specialties from large bottle formats. Click here for the detailed program

We have designed the “Culinary Fishing Camp Ruhr”  with our partner Altes Pastorat in Bochum; including a large fish & seafood BBQ workshop, German “grands crus” and a large gin tasting experience. Click here for the detailed program

Spend the night in friendly, family-run guest houses and hotels, including breakfast. Night anglers get their breakfast on the river bank.

The individual program for each of the different fishing camps can be found in the submenus of this website.

We also offer basic workshops for fly fishing and beginner workshops for spin fishing.

These trips are accompanied and staged by the internationally known “wine & food edutainer” and certified sport fisherman Roland Birr (oenologist).

participating anglers need a valid federal fishing license.

For non-fishing wine and nature lovers, we offer guided hikes and Segway tours through picturesque forests, vineyards, meadows and valleys during the fishing sessions. Non-anglers can take part in the offered fly and spin fishing basic workshops.

695 € per person all inclusive: unlimited food & drinks, overnight stays, fishing permits & workshops, hikes & tours, all transfers during the fishing camp.

  • plan your own arrival
  • own fishing equipment where possible
  • Rental fee for fly fishing equipment (rod, reel, line, flies, nymphs, streamer): € 40.00 per day, € 100 for all 3 days
  • We deliberately keep the group sizes small, with a maximum 8-10 participants per group (min. 3 participants.).

All Taste & Travel trips “Culinary Fishing Germany” take place on fixed dates, but can also be booked individually for groups – even during the week.


Please contact us personally: +49 176 40289039


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