Sauna Fishing Camp

An essential part of Finnish culture is the “sauna”. Used for many generations to promote health and purify the body & mind. Each log cabin in our fishing camp has its own electric indoor sauna and a traditional, wood-fired outdoor forest sauna. All saunas are available at any time throughout day and night, with birch and pine wood sufficiently available in each cottage.┬áTraditionally, sauna use in Finland is done in bathing suits. During the sauna, the circulation of the skin is stimulated by gently beating freshly cut, green birch branches (Vihtoja) against the body.

In the course of “Culinary Fishing” we also celebrate the use of the rare smoke sauna (Savu Sauna), which has a particularly positive effect on the skin.

Each sauna hut has direct access to the lake, so that you can easily reach the refreshing water to cool off, then you can simply exit the water via a ladder on your own private jetty and sundeck.


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